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About Us: Why are we here? This program was created based on an idea the creator had way back in the aughts. Schejul offers all the features we were looking for. This program is "in-house software" used by our company, and was written for our company's use, exclusively. Now, we offer Schejul to the public, with expanded features, no less.

The lead programmer has decades of experience, working in languages from assembler to BASIC and everything in between. The app is robust and reliable and runs fast. Always. Our teams make sure that the server is always up and running, so high reliability is assured.

Schejul was written from the ground up, and we reinvented the wheel, as always. This is our app and the ideas are our own innovations. Hence, expect our app to be different than the pack of brand leaders, really just a bunch of followers just trying to outdo one another by doing the same thing as one other. Insensible! We are different.

Schejul is a maintained by, a Mountainside Diversified service. We have been in business for over twenty years, providing online business solutions to our clients.

E-mail us us for help, right here, right now. Our friendly concierge service will phone you back to answer all your questions. Please ask. Don'y hesitate! Thank you.

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We created the idea for this scheduler app a long time ago. From notes to reality, this app is our own creation, 100% of the way. Schejul is simple, yet works. Schejul's feature-rich, yet light-weight and runs in a browser window and not in your phone's system directly. This is for YOUR security.

Our app is reliable and secure. And, your managers can do all the work populating the scheduler or leverage the load so each participant must register themselves. Too many features to list here! And, our prices are unbeatable!


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