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Relaxey. Disclaimer Page For Mobile Massage On-Site Services.

Disclaimer: Massage Therapists are not qualified to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. However, Licensed Massage Therapists (LMTs) are a part of the modern health care team. As such, our therapists have been trained when to refer you to a physician. LMTs cannot prescribe drugs of any sort. They may, however, request that you do exercises on your own, or return for another session.

If a Massage Therapist is found to go around us and take a client directly without We Soothe; she will be terminated. For obvious reasons, we cannot have this. Such a business model does not work very well.

Your LMT is a trained professional. She has been schooled, has taken, and passed, standardized tests, and has demonstrated to us that she is far above average, in terms of ability to perform Therapeutic Massage. Please respect her.

Book a session of Mobile Massage right here on our web site. Our friendly concierge service will phone you to confirm the details and answer all your questions. Please ask. Thank you.

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We created the idea for this scheduler app a long time ago. From notes to reality, this app is our own creation, 100% of the way. Schejul is simple, yet works. Schejul's feature-rich, yet light-weight and runs in a browser window and not in your phone's system directly. This is for YOUR security.

Our app is reliable and secure. And, your managers can do all the work populating the scheduler or leverage the load so each participant must register themselves. Too many features to list here! And, our prices are unbeatable!


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